Approach from every angle needed to prevent terrorism, ulema says

Tuesday, October 5, 2010 12:04 WIB | National | | Viewed 600 time(s)
Padang, West Sumatra (ANTARA News) – An ulema of West Sumatra, Mas`oed Abidin, said on Tuesday the government needs to a have a multi angle approach to tackle the spread of terrorism in Indonesia. 

“Terrorism may be the rest of several people angry or dissatisfied with their surroundings. Social and political imbalance may also be another factor which contributes to the spread of terrorism in the society,” said the ulema.

He suggested the government to draw up a special curriculum on the concept of putting the country`s interest as first priority. Mas`oed said physical and economic development was not enough to security of a country against terror.

He said the government has not given adequate attention particularly to the national ideology in the national curriculum.

Mas`oed also expressed concern about Islam being associated with terrorism. He said
Islam taught its followers to build a good character, not to terrorize people.

Earlier, the Indonesian Council of Ulemas (MUI) appealed to avoid discrediting Islam in the country`s current terrorist eradication efforts.

“We do not wish terrorist eradication efforts to cause the cornering of Islam as it will only create more problems,” associate MUI chairman Ma`ruf Amin said.

He said that terrorism was not identical to Islam. He also said that terrorism has nothing to do with jihad (holy war) and MUI had already issued a fatwa (edict) condemning terrorism.

MUI has since 2003 issued an edict on terrorism. It states that terrorism is a crime against humanity and civilization, as well as seriously threatening national sovereignty, security and world peace and public welfare.

Jihad, meanwhile, according to MUI, may mean two things. Firstly all kinds of efforts and willingness to face difficulties in fighting aggression from the enemy in all its forms.

Secondly, all kinds of efforts seriously and continuously made to safeguard and extol the religion of Allah.

The MUI fatwa also tells about the difference between jihad and terrorism. According to MUI, terrorism is destructive and anarchic aimed at creating fear and/or destroying other parties without regard of the law and limits targets.

Jihad, meanwhile, is about improvement although it might possibly be done by war aimed at extolling religion and/or defending those being oppressed and done according to shariah laws with clear targets. (*)


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